X-Files, I want to believe poster

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I was re-watching the x-files, which was a huge part of my youth so I obviously wanted a “I want to believe” poster for my workshop but I couldn´t find a good hi-res file, besides there are quite a few versions floating around. I the end, i chose this scene as reference: And I made mine with a mixture of images from all over the internet. You can download the image from HERE

Dry method to aging paper

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I usually use the very time consuming coffee-bath technique for aging my books, but I´ve met a colleague necronomicon-prop-maker that has a super fast method that get the job done very very nicely, so here I leave you the tutorial. Of course it depends a bit on a good starting paper but that is a LOT of friking time saved. Will most certainly be my next experiment!

Necronomicon update #3!

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4 more pages from the Necronomicon!,…  The dropbox necro-folder is (as allways) over here: http://elderprops.com/necronomicon-evildead-1981/ All my other downloads are here: http://elderprops.com/downloads Salutations! Sharing is caring! http://elderprops.com/necronomicon-evildead-1981/