X-Files, I want to believe poster

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I was re-watching the x-files, which was a huge part of my youth so I obviously wanted a “I want to believe” poster for my workshop but I couldn´t find a good hi-res file, besides there are quite a few versions floating around. I the end, i chose this scene as reference: And I made mine with a mixture of images from all over the internet. You can download the image from HERE

Dry method to aging paper

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I usually use the very time consuming coffee-bath technique for aging my books, but I´ve met a colleague necronomicon-prop-maker that has a super fast method that get the job done very very nicely, so here I leave you the tutorial. Of course it depends a bit on a good starting paper but that is a LOT of friking time saved. Will most certainly be my next experiment!

Necronomicon update #3!

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4 more pages from the Necronomicon!,…  The dropbox necro-folder is (as allways) over here: http://elderprops.com/necronomicon-evildead-1981/ All my other downloads are here: http://elderprops.com/downloads Salutations! Sharing is caring! http://elderprops.com/necronomicon-evildead-1981/

Ash vs the Evil Dead – pages update

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Since I already did my version of the Necronomicon from the 2013 movie (over here), and are in the middle of recreating the pages from the classic movies (over here), I thought I might as well do the pages from the new absolutely awesome series Ash vs the Evil Dead. The challenge here is that these pages are drawn in a watercolor-like style and also.. there are animated so I’ve made a composition of several frames to more or less assemble a page that I could  re-draw (maybe)… This will take quite a bit of time to make since I’m not even sure what style to use to re-make them but I leave you with the assembled page I created from screenshots in case anyone finds them useful. Here is my work in progress…. VERY “in progres” These first pages were all over the internet when the series was first released so no mastery here… And here are my attempts to create re-drawable pages from the animations on the show: And here is another pic that is obviously not from the book but its just cool so I will make it into a page: I have created a dropbox folder … Read More