Gravity Falls pages

These pages are my re-tracing of screenshots taken directly from the Gravity Falls TV show and about 24 pages I created myself for episodes where the book is not shown.

  • These ARE NOT copies from the official Journal 3, they are taken directly from screenshots of the show.
  • The text is mostly scribbles and NOT ACTUAL TEXT since I copied them exactly from screenshots.

It´s all for free, use them as you like, if you put a link back to this page, that’d be nice, if not, it’s ok too. Enjoy!!

Gravity Falls Downloads

PNG images
PDF file
Bookbinding version

If you want to assemble and sew the book, you can get this special bookbinding version PDF. And follow THIS TUTORIAL.

Here you can see hoy I built the book!:

Here you can preview all the pages by clicking on them. I've separated the pages into volumes since many people did't know I put all the pages into one single book. (And yes, I know Ford wrote all the books but we need some order)

Volume 1 (Stan´s volume)
Volume 2 (Gideon's volume)
Volume 3 (Dipper's volume)
The lost pages (My own pages)

These are the pages I invented because not all creatures are shown as pages on the tv series and I needed all episodes documented. (Some of them did appear on the official journal 3 but I wanted to keep mine as a replica of the one in the tv show)


Here are the photos that go all over the book, the map and other images you might like to use for other stuff.