Here are the pages from the Necronomicon in the Evil Dead Regeneration video game. I had no idea it existed until a friend of the page sent over all his screenshots and research for me to re-trace so this is yet another successful collaboration with the community!

The images were rather low res so I’ve take a lot of liberties while re-drawing the illustrations. I’ve also slightly readjusted the reports layouts to fit into a letter size page, so be aware these pages are not SUPER exact…

It’s all for free, use them as you like, if you put a link back to this page, that’d be nice, if not, its ok too. Enjoy!

The necronomicon pages

Here are the Necronomicon pages:

Report pages

The game also shows a couple of reports from the in-game cinematics which I thought looked cool and might be useful if you want a prop for a RPG game or something similar. I’ve added a black report template in case you might want to create your own monstrous reports.

Twisted and vile creatures

Just like the reports above, I thought someone might want some monster illustrations for their games or something else so here they are!