Here are the pages I made for my Evil Dead Necronomicon replica (from on of my favorite movies ever). Most illustrations are my re-tracing of screenshots taken from the movie. It´s all for free, use them as you like, if you put a link back to this page, that´d be nice, if not, its ok too. Enjoy!

Necronomicon downloads


Necronomicon gallery

Here you can preview all the pages by clicking on them:

Addendum #1

This site has become in several sections a collaboration of all it’s users. There are many people that send me the pages, photos or just very low res files they find along their research for me to re-trace. Usually they don’t know the origin of the images but if any image or page is sent over more than two times I usually add it to the collection since it’s obviously a popular item.

I will most probably keep on receiving new pages and photos and this collection will only keep growing so I’ve decided to simply keep on adding new ADDENDUMS, this way everyone who already downloaded the previous files know which ones are new.