Making a punching cradle

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After many hurt fingers I decided to build a punching cradle and avoid any more unnecessary fingerly bloodshed. Something like this…

I found several very classy and beautiful models but I wanted something as simple as possible so here is it is.

Couple planks cut in half.

Joined two of the halves with the those magical “L” thingys I like so much.

I drew the shape of the joined half on the side panels to know where to drill holes. I actually drill very thin holes before putting the screws; it helps the screws grip the material and they go in perfectly strait.

Add pre-screw holes in the joined halves too.

PRO TIP! Use pop rivets to keep the thing in place while putting the screws.

All done.


Now it’s just a matter of placing the pages with a marker for the position of the holes…

and punch the holes in just a few seconds

And it doubles as a fabulous table for my your favorite drinks and condiments! WIN

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