Necronomicon (2013) update #2

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Today I begun updating the pages from the necronomicon (based on the Evildead 2013 version). I´ll be updating a couple time each week. The necrofolder is over here:

Necronomicon 2013

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I´m in the process of re-editing and completing the VERY non-canon pages I created for my Evil Dead (2013) Necronomicon replica. You can download all hi-res transparent PNG files from google photos from my download page:

13 Ghosts updated pages

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Since I’m trying to keep my Dropbox clean so my free account doesn’t fill up too quickly, I´m updating some folders with fewer but more useful versions of several files. In the case of the Black Zodiac, there used to be a zip file with the color version.. another with BW and 2 more with the text-less versions so there was a lot of repetition… I have removed all those ZIP files and just uploaded transparent versions of all the pages (with and without text) plus their background files so you can assemble any combination you need. The black-zodiac folder is over here: BLACK ZODIAC!

Warhammer downloads

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Did I mention I fucking love Warhammer 40K? Well I do, I haven’t played the game at all (since that requires way to much money and time), but I love the novels and their universe. I have created a new download section for all my Warhammer stuff! Anyway, I wanted a t-shirt with a design based on the wall engravings that you see on the awesome game Space Marine so did one and here it is in case anyone wants to use it for anything… It has the color and b/w version and all the parts in transparent PNGs in case you want to rearrange them.

The Evil Dead Necronomicon pages, finished

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Its finally complete!, after much reordering and plenty of retracing, I think I have all the pages I need. It’s a mixture of screen-caps from the first and second movies some art from the collectors edition cover from the third one and several pages that have been sent to me by random visitors of the site so its not very cannon or super accurate but it will do just fine for my prop. The last 3 pages are up so you can now download all the 82 pages. Here is the updated downloads page with links to google photos: Salutations!