The Book of Eternal Darkness, part 1

JC Randomdownload, page set1 Comment

Time for new book! I played Eternal Darnkess a couple years ago and I loved all the lovecraftian stuff, obviously, I had to try and build the book so I’m starting with the basics and, as usual, making hi res versions of the pages from screenshots of the game. I´ll be uploading the new pages to google photos as soon as they are ready, for the time being, here are the first two! Download the Book of Eternal Darkness pages!

The Necronomicon Pages – Final Version

JC Randomdownload, page set2 Comments

Here it is, the final version of my VERY non-canon Necronomicon pages finally complete and ready to download. I just uploaded the final 5 pages and now it’s done (until someone sends me some mysterious page to re-trace), all 67 files are in hi res jpg files, you can download them all from google photos over here: download the Necronomicon pages!