Gravity Falls, the first 2 pages

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When I made my Journal 3 replica, I never actually created the first two pages… the “Property of …“ page because I put my name there by hand so there was no need for it and the VOL 3 page wasn´t necesary because my book was a mix of all journals so there was no need for that either. But, i got the request for those missing pages a couple of time so here they are: They are also uploaded on the gravity falls folder over here: And as a bonus, here are a couple of background pages in case you want to put the transparent PNG files on top of these and print them in color: Single page background: And double page background:

Gravity Falls ready-to-print PDF

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I just did a very short tutorial on how I print my books to bind them but I know maybe not everybody has inDesign all ready and loaded up to organize all this stuff so I have added a convenient PDF download so you can go straight to printing and make the actual book instead of spending the next 5 hours organizing stupid pages. Enjoy! Download Gravity Falls Journal 3 ready-to-print PDF Here is the instructions on how to assemble the book: You can also go to the download page for Gravity Falls and scroll to the bottom of the page where you can also find the tiny image-tutorial I made on how to assemble the book.