MiniDOOM ready! play now!

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Our tiny game MiniDoom is finally ready! It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to play through. You can download it at my gamedev site: Here is the launch trailer: Some screenshots: We made this game as a demo for a video game developer course (in spanish) my brother is giving, so if you would like to learn how to make this game, visit his online course over HERE. Slutations everyone!

Medieval DOOM

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I wanted to make a lot more pages for today (since its the release of DOOM 4), but alas, I was busy with my own game release that I hope will post here later today… In any case, here is the first page of my new project (and the first book I make that is completely original). I was thinking that the the demonic invasion that happens on DOOM could have happened before, in other planets, such as earth in the dark ages so I inventing the diary of the sole survivor of that invasion (MEDIEVAL DOOM). Here are the only two pages I managed to more-or-less finish for today. A part of the entry on CACODEMONS (one of the coolest enemies of all videogames). Ill be uploading my progress as soon as its ready. (No downloads yet, I´m actually planing on putting actual text and a story)