Gravity Falls ready-to-print PDF

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I just did a very short tutorial on how I print my books to bind them but I know maybe not everybody has inDesign all ready and loaded up to organize all this stuff so I have added a convenient PDF download so you can go straight to printing and make the actual book instead of spending the next 5 hours organizing stupid pages. Enjoy! Download Gravity Falls Journal 3 ready-to-print PDF Here is the instructions on how to assemble the book: You can also go to the download page for Gravity Falls and scroll to the bottom of the page where you can also find the tiny image-tutorial I made on how to assemble the book.

The original Necronomicon pages (Naturom Demonto) – Part 1 of many

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Enough disgusting laziness! I’m back to work and back to the project that started this whole occult book thing, the NECRONOMICON from the original Evil Dead. This time I will be uploading the pages I make as soon as they are done Instead of the usual HUGE ZIP file. Please click the image below to go to my dropbox gallery where you can download them individually or all together in a ZIP. Enjoy! Download the pages HERE Lets try this dropbox gallery thing, looks quite useful for me since I don’t have to be zipping and uploading stuff and you guys can download the files as soon as its ready instead of waiting for another 666 weeks until I finish. I have about 70 pages ordered and ready to start tracing and inking, some from the original movies, others from DVD covers, some I will invent as always. I have also gathered screen-caps from the book on the new series so there’s a LOT of work still to be done I guess I’ll be posting updates once a week or so. See you later! ( Be good deadites and shere! ->


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I was looking for other social networks to post my work and remembered that I had an account in Taringa, which is kind of like Redit but in spanish. So in case you are arround those places, here is my profile. I´ll start posting translations of my posts over here. (So nothing new for now) ME at TARINGA ——————— Estaba buscando otras redes sociales para postear mis trabajos y me acorde que tenia una cuenta en Taringa, que parece ser como Redit pero en español. Asique, en caso de que estén por esos lados, aqui les dejo mi perfil. Voy a ir posteando traducciones de los posts que no lo tengan aquí. (Asique nada nuevo por el momento) Mi perfil en TARINGA


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(NON-prop related post!) UPDATE!: MiniDOOM is ready to play! Doom 4 will be released very soon, and it was a very influential game in my childhood (a million years ago) so my brother and I are making a parody game as a tribute. It will be doom as it was an old school platformer. I’m in charge of making all the graphics, animations and backgrounds while my brother does the programing. Here is a screenshot: Some of the sprites i made: For more silliness go to my illustration blog over HERE (PD, I’m also making an occult book about doom… more updates as soon as I actually start that…)

Me, at the Replica Prop Forum

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If you’re into props and replicas and haven’t visited the RPF yet, please do, it’s a magical place. And in case your also a member, here is my profile: JCPORCEL

My illustration blog!

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I decided to make a blog for my drawings, illustrations and non-prop stuff. Just head over to my new blog at I finally decided to open a blog for my non-prop stuff. Since facebook is crap for visibility on the internet and everybody has basically forgotten about the existence of deviantart, look like a blog is the way to go. Thus, here is mine for anyone who wants to see my drawings and paintings, or rather my attempts at doing that… I hope to start doing tutorials and stuff just like in this blog. Cheers! DO IT —–>

Gravity Falls Journal 3 – download all pages

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So, when I started this project one of the main objectives was to re-create hi-resolution version of all the pages to share with the internet since I wasn’t able to find any while creating my replica and I bet theres a couple crazy people out there that also want to make their own journals. Once I finished all the canon pages I realized there were many awesome creatures and artifacts that never show up on the book within the show so I re-watched the series another 4 times and created new pages for every episode that was missing in the book. Here I leave you a ZIP file on my download section where you can download them all. There are landscape pages Folio size in 300dpi. Download here! Download here! As always It´s all for free, use them as you like, if you put a link back to this page, that´d be really nice, if not, its ok too. Enjoy! And I will tell everyone yet again, if you have not watched this series, please do, it’s amazing.