The Black Zodiac Page Set

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Back in December 2015, I randomly saw a post on Facebook about the
“Black Zodiac”, the occult book shown on the movie Thirteen Ghost, I
thought the illustrations were really cool so I obviously wanted a prop
of my own but turns out these particular pages are basically impossible
to find in a respectable resolution for print (at least back in 2015).
Thus (also obviously), I decided to make my own super hi res versions
and learn a bit of illustrator in the process since there´s quite a bit
of gears and mechanical parts on some of the pages.

I think the result was pretty decent, I even created a font file to fill in all the text (which is giberish right now but who cares…). I also replicated the paper texture that was rather unique or at least it looked interesting on the images on the internet.

In any case, here are some of the pages I replicated, you can as always download everything for free and hi-res on the new download section for this book!


Here are a couple of example pages:


Download all pages over HERE

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