Necronomicon (Evil Dead 2013) – Part 1, drawing the pages

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To start with, I searched a couple hours around the internet to see if there was some pdf or something like that with the pages of the book from the movie but I couldn’t find it.

There is probably some good scan or something but since I quite like drawing and needed some extra practice I just downloaded the movie and very patiently paused all over the film and took screenshots wherever the book is shown open so trace the drawings.

Some looked ok and were easy to copy…


Some not so much, there were too much closeups…


Obviamente tuve que inventarme todas las partes de las ilustraciones que estaban fuera del la escena como la cabra aquí:


Or burny zombie over here:x


Did the same for all the pages with ilustrations (all done in photoshop):

(You can download the page over HERE)

(And the fonts over HERE)

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