13 Ghosts updated pages

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Since I’m trying to keep my Dropbox clean so my free account doesn’t fill up too quickly, I´m updating some folders with fewer but more useful versions of several files. In the case of the Black Zodiac, there used to be a zip file with the color version.. another with BW and 2 more with the text-less versions so there was a lot of repetition… I have removed all those ZIP files and just uploaded transparent versions of all the pages (with and without text) plus their background files so you can assemble any combination you need. The black-zodiac folder is over here: BLACK ZODIAC!

The Black Zodiac Page Set

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Back in December 2015, I randomly saw a post on Facebook about the “Black Zodiac”, the occult book shown on the movie Thirteen Ghost, I thought the illustrations were really cool so I obviously wanted a prop of my own but turns out these particular pages are basically impossible to find in a respectable resolution for print (at least back in 2015). Thus (also obviously), I decided to make my own super hi res versions and learn a bit of illustrator in the process since there´s quite a bit of gears and mechanical parts on some of the pages. I think the result was pretty decent, I even created a font file to fill in all the text (which is giberish right now but who cares…). I also replicated the paper texture that was rather unique or at least it looked interesting on the images on the internet. In any case, here are some of the pages I replicated, you can as always download everything for free and hi-res on the new download section for this book! Cheers! Here are a couple of example pages: Download all pages over HERE