At The Mountains of Madness Playing Cards

JC Randomart and illustration, bookbinding, cthulhu2 Comments

Interested in mysterious Lovecraftian items? Couple months ago I was contracted to make several eldritch pages and illustrations for this very cool Kickstarter project: You can get some playing cards with illustrations inspired in the story At the Mountains of Madness, it comes with with a very nice wooden box and there are several other arcane items like ancient coins (designed by the absolute master Tomas Hijo), a stony Cthulhu idol and a super heavy leather bound ancient book illustrated by me!

2 Comments on “At The Mountains of Madness Playing Cards”

  1. Hi !
    Amazing work ! How did you make the pattern on the book ? I recognize this blank journal made from Moonster.

    1. Hello!
      I was only hired to do the illustration within the book, all the production was in charge of the kickstarter organizers. Don’t know where exactly did they had everything made.

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