Bullskrit, the Necronomicon Ex Mortis font

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I was very recently looking for a couple of pages from the Necronomicon Ex Mortis on the internet and found a site with several photos and something that, for some inexplicable reason, I have never seen before, the translated texts from the Limited Edition DVD.

Since every single paragraph was there easily readable and copy-pastable, I decided I could just re-trace the alphabet and make a font file so I could easily make more pages, or just use them for whatever.

The font is referenced within the text itself as “Bullskrit”, so that’s what I’m calling it…

There were several symbols that donĀ“t quite match to their normal alphabet counterparts like the eye symbol, so I just used a couple of numbers to place them. There were also 2 special characters that are used instead of two consecutive “e” or “s” characters, so I put them on the capital “e” and “s” letter respectively.

Here is the table of characters I use for my font file:

Bullskrit characters

You can get this and other fonts on the font download page.

Or download it directly down below:

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