Star vs. the Forces of Evil Spellbook (Part 12) Making decorations

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Whenever one adapts any prop from this kind of animation into reality there’s quite a lot of details that eventually have to be either invented or simply interpreted to your own taste.

In this case, the first interpretation had to be the shapes of all the decorations on both covers of the book. They have many slightly different shapes across the screenshots I could find but in the end i decided to make a very symmetrical version of them all. I thought that just like the cartoons are stylized deformed versions of real humans, the shapes on the book are the same but in book version.

Here is an image of the original flat open book with all the decorations I found over here

It seems to me like the perspective is not quite right based on other screenshots I’ve taken but is absolutely fantastic reference material.

So, here are my very symmetrical and exact version:

I changed a bit the colors and printed out the complete page:

I cut every part that will be cut and trace it with copy-paper into a think piece of wood:

And then into the scroll saw:

And then after some sanding the symbol is ready:

And the same goes with all other parts; tracing into wood, scroll saw and sanding:

Here are all the pieces ready!

And all pieces are ready for next part! some colors and shiny paints!


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