The Enchiridion from Adventure Time – part 2

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Here is the simplistic paper model just to see what size should have each element:

To start the sword I used a translucent plastic to cover my drawing and put the clay on top:

I was going to use regular clay but I thought it might be better to use 2 part epoxy putty so I could get sharp edges for the blade.

Here is putty places on top of my drawing:

Here is a bit more shaped:


Bladed is sanded to make it smooth

The other details are added:

All done with the extension tool of the dremel 4000. Its awesome!

Next i did the circle that goes on the middle of the book. I made it out of wood since i thought i might be to much epoxy putty and regular clay was going to be too brittle

For this i used the a router bit and the extension for the dremel:

I thought of using styrofoam as a base for cutting the wood. Worked great!

All the wood dust was trapped in the styrofoam very little was flying around.

The circle:

The finished circle with the sword:

To be continued…

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