The Enchiridion from Adventure Time – part 6

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It´s molding time!
After a stupid month of inactivity I`m back so it´s time for some updates… I finally sculpted the bird on top of the skull so the center part was finally done.

I decided to cut the plastic around the whole thing so it serves as the base that keeps it all together, also a little bit of paint and shilak for the wood.

Now all is ready for moldmaking.

First I made a couple containers out of lego (one of humanities best inventions):

Then comes the unusual… I had many many problems with leaking molds in the past so I eventually started covering the inside of my molds with a very thin plastic wrap (the one used to cover food); that way I dont need to spend time thinking of sealing the container.

here is a close up of the lego mold with the plastic wrap:

And here are both molds ready for the silicone:

Pouring complete

The plastic wrap thing has been a fantastic improvement in my workflow. It saves a LOT of time in building sealed molds with hot glue, it saves a lot of materials for the mold walls and there is the best part: de-molding takes exactly 1 second, just pull and its done:

The only thing left to do is to take out the pieces from the silicone:

After removing a little bit of flash the molds are ready:

It almost looks like I finally learned how to make molds! I´m very proud of my plastic wrap thing, it works great!

To be continued!

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