Gravity Falls Journal 3 – Part 2: Printing Booklets

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So, since I wanted to bind this using 4-page signatures (like in this tutorial), I needed to print the page spreads in a very special page order … which I (of course) didn’t know how to do, thus, my first idea was to make mini signatures to know what was the page order supposed to be…


So later I could arage my pages on inDesign in the same order:


And then came knowledge and the horrid shadow of ignorance left and I learned that inDesign has a magical tool to make this whole thing automatically!

So here is how my document looks liks in inDesign, just pages in regular order, nothing fancy:


This awesome tool is over here:


And here are the settings I used to print my document as  4-page-spread signatures:


This is magical.

To be continued!

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