DEUS TENEBRIS – The book of the dark gods pages

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After MANY years just coping very popular fantastic books like the Necronomicon or the Gravity Falls Journal 3, I decided to make my very own completely original mysterious grimoire! This book is my own original work and art. It’s obviously inspired in Lovecraftian lore and themes since it’s one of my favorite universes, but I will not reference any specific god or creature. I will try to keep it sort of generic. I still donĀ“t know what exactly will I do with this book. It will probably have some sort of story behind it at some point since I really like worldbuilding but for now, there are only mysterious pages! I will be uploading new pages regularly to it’s google photos folder and will let you know! You can take a look at the new page over HERE! And the google photos folder over HERE!