The Dwarven book, part 2

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After being happy with the design, I started cutting the parts of the cover.

I printed the cover just to have the size perfect and used that as a stencil to mark where to cut.

And here is ready to cut:

And ready:

I found this very cool material, its like a very hard foam.. almost like paper.. i have no idea what its called in english but its called “carton pluma“ (feather cardboard) in the stores near by me.

I used it to make the corners:

So here is the half done cover:

Coming next: Modeling the dwarve!

One Comment on “The Dwarven book, part 2”

  1. Your “carton pluma” seems to be the material we call ‘foam core’ in english. A layer of foam sandwiched between two layers of card/paper

    Thanks for the great resource you’ve provided here!

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