This small bookbinding tutorial is an explanation of how I print and assemble my Gravity Falls books.

Step 1: Download the special “bookbinding” version of the book

This PDF is not a normal single page PDF, this document was created specially in order to print and assemble a book made out of signatures (of 4 sheets of paper each) so the pages come in a very particular order.

[su_box title=”Gravity Falls Bookbinding version (PDF)” radius=”5″ box_color=”#b90000″ class=”box-fondo-gris”] [/su_box]

If you want the normal version you can get it HERE.

About the paper size

I use “Folio” size paper (21.59×33.02 cm) to print my stuff so one face of every sheet of paper will have 2 pages of the normal book. Like this:

Gravity Falls bookbinding tutorial

That’s why the normal book has 142 pages but the PDF only has 72.

Step 2: Print the pages

Print the pages on both sides of the paper. I do this by printing all the odd pages first and then putting that same pile back in the printer and then printing all the even pages.

So, page 1 and 2 will go on both sides of the first sheet of pager, then pages 3 and 4 will go on both sides of the second sheet of paper, and so on, like this:

Printing the pages

Step 3: Assemble the signatures

Once you’ve printed all the pages, just gather all sheets marked 1A through 1D into one pile (signature 1), then all sheets from 2A to 2D onto another pile (signature 2) and so on, like this:

Assemble the signatures

All sheets of paper are marked with it’s signature number and position (the letter after the signature number) on one side on the lower middle part.

Step 4: Fold the signatures

Once you’ve got all the piles assembled you need to fold each of them independently in half, like this:

Folding signatures

Step 5: Assemble the book

Finally, just pile all signature on top of each other like this:

Assemble the book

And then you can choose your preferred sawing method to put them together. Here is a fantastic list of tutorials on sewing books! I really like this one: