The Beauty of Books

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Today… some inspiration! Gather all the crazy occult and mysterious books that are out there and you’ll probably not find something that compares to reality, the mesmerizing reality of medieval illuminated manuscripts. I find these books endlessly fascinating, from the process of creating the pages, making the inks, painting the illustrations.. Anyone interested in book has to learn about these majestic works of art. Here is the ONLY place on the web where i could find the episodes of the BBC series The Beauty of Books: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 –

Arcade cabinet, part 1 – scale model!

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I guess this is not very lovecraftian related but, but watever. Turns out my boss bought an X-Arcade a long time ago and has never actually used it so we decided to make an cabinet for it and put it in the office so productivity can reach an all time low. I used my diningroom table to more or less calculate the correct height. I tweeked the height with some books. I used my diningroom table to more or less calculate the correct height. I tweeked the height with some books. So here is the small scale model of the computer screen and X-Arcade. Side panels placed And the model is more ore less done. Till next time!

FAIL – multi page dyeing with mosquito net

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Let me tell you another story of failure… so you learn from my fuckups… So… I need to make several books and I do not enjoy dyeing all that paper one by one, thus I tried inventing some SUPER clever way to do all the pages at once… So… mosquito net… Cut it into page size pieces… Made a page-moquito/net sandwich… Secured it with elastic bands… And then came the FAIL… I put the whole thing into the usal coffe bath I normally use but the water didn’t even got to all the pages.. so you can see the white parts… suuuucks… Also, the pages that did got correctly dyed were so soked that got destroyed by the water… doble FAIL I think that instead of the normal very low water bath i used this process might work if the WHOLE block was completly submeged in coffe. Who knows… maybe someone is willing to prepare a whole tub of coffe… Back to single page dyeing for now… P.D. If you have some awesome technique of mass paper coloring, please let me know!

Much more Necronomicon pages!

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Today a very nice guy (with a couple very nice designs) sent me the link to this awesome deviant gallery with a rather extensive collection of pages from Evildead 2013. (I have SO much work now to complete my collection, it’s very exiting) Also… here is the actual designer of the illustrations from the movie, sooo cool:

Skulltopus book – Part 4: a bit of color

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Added some lacquer so when I paint the wood around the drawing the color tone go into the actual logo. After that I added some color to the wood using my favorite multipurpose ink: coffee! Also a bit of bitumen of judea for the burnt effect on the bottom. Some random thingy for the corners. Covered for spaying the lacquer. DONE