The Book of the Dead from The Mummy, final video

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The Book of the Dead from the Mummy is ready! and here is a video summary of the project! There were MANY mistakes, but it’s done. The whole project took arround 3 weeks since we work on our off time but editing the video took many months since I wasn’t sure what exactly to show and what to take out… In any case, here it is:

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Necronomicon update #10!

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And we are almost done. Here are 4 more pages from the Necronomicon! 3 more pages left for next week and its finished! The dropbox necro-folder is (as allways) over here:

Necronomicon update!

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As allways, theres too much to do and to little time to do it, but I managed to ink a couple more pages from the necronomicon and uploaded them to the necro-dropbox folder where you can download them all. (transparent PNG files). The dropbox necro-folder is over here: All my other downloads are here: Salutations!

Medieval DOOM

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I wanted to make a lot more pages for today (since its the release of DOOM 4), but alas, I was busy with my own game release that I hope will post here later today… In any case, here is the first page of my new project (and the first book I make that is completely original). I was thinking that the the demonic invasion that happens on DOOM could have happened before, in other planets, such as earth in the dark ages so I inventing the diary of the sole survivor of that invasion (MEDIEVAL DOOM). Here are the only two pages I managed to more-or-less finish for today. A part of the entry on CACODEMONS (one of the coolest enemies of all videogames). Ill be uploading my progress as soon as its ready. (No downloads yet, I´m actually planing on putting actual text and a story)

The Black Zodiac Page Set

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Back in December 2015, I randomly saw a post on Facebook about the “Black Zodiac”, the occult book shown on the movie Thirteen Ghost, I thought the illustrations were really cool so I obviously wanted a prop of my own but turns out these particular pages are basically impossible to find in a respectable resolution for print (at least back in 2015). Thus (also obviously), I decided to make my own super hi res versions and learn a bit of illustrator in the process since there´s quite a bit of gears and mechanical parts on some of the pages. I think the result was pretty decent, I even created a font file to fill in all the text (which is giberish right now but who cares…). I also replicated the paper texture that was rather unique or at least it looked interesting on the images on the internet. In any case, here are some of the pages I replicated, you can as always download everything for free and hi-res on the new download section for this book! Cheers! Here are a couple of example pages: Download all pages over HERE

The Enchiridion from Adventure Time – Finished!

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And thus, the Enchiridion is finally complete!, It took way more time that expected by I think it looks pretty decent. This prop will go to my friend for his birthday (wihch was like 7 months ago..) and I might do another copy for me… but that will have to wait, I’m tired and sleepy age so I shall go into a deathless sleep until next week… see you soon!