Skulltopus book – Part 2: Leathering

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And here comes the leather. Since I´m super lazy and I don’t yet have the proper tools to make the super thin edges needed to do a proper bookcase with leather… AND I actually think it looks kinda cool like this, I only cover the exact shape of the covers with leather without actually going around it.

Here is the back side:

Before putting it into the press I placed a bit of cloth since the pressure kinda eliminates the texture of the leather.

Once the glue dried, I made the holes for the pop rivets.

There is the rivet before actually placing it.

Rivets ready! They don’t actually help with the structural integrity but they look nice so watever…

To finish it I added a couple of leather triangles to the corners of the front cover.

Done! Ready for the next step, burning an image to the cover.

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